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4 Ways to Stay Spiritually Positive During the Global Pandemic

4 Ways to Stay Spiritually Positive During the Global Pandemic

Positive thinking is the key ingredient to survival in any situation. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are interconnected. When you have negative thoughts, your mood is affected by the way you think. Following this, you engage in self-destructive behaviour, which enables you to experience negative emotions all over again. This toxic cycle continues, with no end, until you take the initiative to change your thought process.

During the global pandemic, you may find it extremely difficult to remain positive. When you have self-isolated yoruself for months, without being able to see you support system, you can very easily tumble down the spiral of experiencing negative thoughts. If that is the case, you must consider the following advice.

How To Stay Spiritually Positive During The Global Pandemic

Find a purpose

Quarantine may be the most terrible situation, but you can still make the most out of this time. With nothing but time on your hands, think about what you truly wish to achieve in life. This should not just be limited to your career goals, rather you must ruminate over everything that you desire to achieve, even when you think that it is not achievable.

You must reflect on your wishes, in order to discover what you want your purpose to be. Think about what you want to leave behind in this world. It may be fame, it could be a book, it could be love, or it could be a community centre that helps the people you leave behind. Once you discover your purpose, you can devise a long-term plan that helps you achieve your goal.

Give back to the world

When you are experiencing negative thoughts about yourself or the situation, you can take action to fight it. The most effective way to boost yourself self-esteem is by giving back to society. If you can afford it, you may donate money to different organizations that are designed to help people in this trying time. If you lack the financial resources to make a difference, you can volunteer at research centres or hospitals, to help out as much as you can. When you take the initiative of trying to make others happy, you can uplift your own spirits in the process. So, give back, so you can receive more!

Do not cut off communication with your support group

Social distancing should not affect your relationships with your friends and family members. Especially in the moments of isolation, it is crucial to communicate with the people who bring joy to your life. Make time for video calls, so you can find a channel of release for your feelings of loneliness. When you communicate your fears, anxiety and emotions to your loved ones, you can find the emotional support that is necessary for survival. Additionally, if you have friendly neighbours, you can talk to them from time to time, while maintaining the required distance. This can satisfy your need to physically interact with people.

Maintain a healthy routine

The quarantine can make you forget about your self-care habits. The negative change in your diet and hygiene practices, combined with the lack of physical activity, can impact your endocrine system. The imbalance in the body’s hormones can make you feel moody and depressed. Keeping this in mind, you must eat healthily, exercise for at least twenty minutes per day, and keep your body clean and healthy. To ensure hygiene, you must take a bath every single day, even if you are not going anywhere. Every once in a while, you can put a face mask or practice an elaborated skin-care routine. When you see yourself making an effort, your mental state can be positively affected.

Maintaining a positive state of mind, during a global pandemic is difficult, but also attainable. You can follow the aforementioned tips to keep your thought content positive during the quarantine season. 

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