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4 Ways Writing Your Thoughts Can Improve Your Mental Health

4 Ways Writing Your Thoughts Can Improve Your Mental Health

Writing is an art form. It’s a way for you to get in touch with your inner self, and release all the energy- both positive and negative, into the world. The process of writing requires you to introspect and search within yourself for an idea that reflects beauty. The process is more than just putting words on a page. Writing allows you to release your thought process, hence it offers several benefits to your mental health.

How Writing Helps With Your Mental Health

Writing can be cathartic

The process of writing can help you understand your thought content. Most of the times, you become confused by your own sets of behaviours. Instead of tackling them head-on, you allow them to overwhelm you and consequently, control your behaviour. In such situations, when you write down your thoughts, you are able to understand them and reflect on them. For instance, you may find yourself getting angry in normal situations. You might be lashing out on your loved ones, thus hurting your relationships, along with yourself. In these times, when you jot down your thoughts, you can identify a pattern in your words. You can reflect on them and figure out the underlying reason that fuels your tantrums. Once you figure it out, you can take the necessary measures to solve your internal conflicts.

Writing can help you with goal setting

Achieving success is impossible without a clear set of goals. If you do not have an idea of what you want, you can never achieve it. However, setting goals can be difficult, if you generate abstract ideas. On the other hand, when you write down your goals, you are able to break them down into categories and create a plan of action for them. Additionally, during the possess of writing goal, you exert pressure on yourself to think more creatively. This pressure generates novel and innovative ideas that you may not have even considered before. Furthermore, when your goals are written on paper, you can track them to review the progress. When you see yoruself advancing in your life or career, you essentially become more motivated. Hence, writing can help you set clear, creative and achievable sets of goals.

You can monitor your emotional progress

Every person experiences good days and bad days. However, when you are not in touch with your emotions, you experience a series of adverse moments in your life. In such situations, writing your thoughts can stimulate a difference in your thought content. When you write about your day, you allow yourself to create a channel that releases all your negative emotions. Writing facilitates catharsis, which is why you feel so much better after the process. Additionally, when you continue this practice over a period of time, you can start seeing a difference in your life. With your thoughts recorded in journals, you can go back to read your thought content when you started the process. You would observe a significant change in patterns of thinking, prior to, and following the writing journey.

You would observe a difference in your relationship

When your mind is muddled with negative emotions, you take it out on your loved ones. Think about all the times you have yelled at your partner when, in reality,  you are really stressed about work. When you start writing, you are able to let your stress and trauma escape from your body. In addition to this, you gather awareness of your mental state, which allows you to acknowledge and accept it. Due to this acceptance, you are able to make a conscious effort to be kind to the people around.

Writing your thoughts can bring a significant change in your mental health. So, invest in a journal, and dedicate five minutes of your day to record your thoughts. Once you start the journey, you will thank yourself for participating in it!

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