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Growing up I always kept to myself, wasn’t expressive, wasn’t a performer. I would have never imagined then
that I have the calibre within me to accomplish what I have done today.


Started of as a Singer

I ventured into the media world through MediaCorp Vasantham Idol show, Vasantham Star 2007 .I was one of the finalists and finished 4th. I still remember how special that year turned out to be. All 4 finalists, including myself, had immense fan following and support. Had week after week bookings to perform at Community Centres Singapore wide as well as in private events. Shortly after the competition ended, offers to act and host came my way.


My first long form drama was Silanthi, with MediaCorp Studios’Eaglevision.

Vettai Season One: Pledged to Hunt (Produced by: Eaglevision, Mediacorp). I played one of the lead characters, popularly known as ASP Seelan in this award winning drama series that took Singapore Indian viewers by storm. Vettai: Pledged to hunt was directed by Anuratha Kanderaju and Abbas Akbar.

Cop drama Vettai Season One: Pledged to Hunt, took home a slew of awards at Pradhana Vizha 2011, Vasantham’s annual awards show honouring the best in the local television industry. Best Opening Title – Pradhana Vizha 2011
Most Popular Series – Pradhana Vizha 2011 Best Actor,Shabir – Pradhana Vizha 2011 The drama series was also sought after for it’s online initiatives where the drama’s webisodes were widely watched and garnered impressive viewership. The webisodes were an extension of the main drama’s storyline, which was directed by Abbas. The webisodes also garnered a Finalist nomination for PromaxBDA World in the Interactive Media category for Vettai.

Vettai 2.0: The Next Generation, once again I played the lead role as ASP Seelan. ASP Seelan was part of the team handling situations at District X and is well versed in the gang culture of Thiming. ASP Raghav, ASP Shiva, ASP Meera, Inspector Sudarshan, Inspector Mugi & ASP Seelan form the top core team. The ultimate objective of this team was to take down these three gangs at any cost.The second season once again didn’t fail to keep viewers at the edge of their seats. And for the second time, Vettai hit the big screen not just in Singapore but in JB as well. It was deemed a huge success! The drama has also attracted a large and active web-based community, who lent their support for the show through its Facebook page and microsite.Other dramas acted include KA: The Spark Within as Vivek and Naduvula Konjam Thukathai Kannum alongside with Kollywood and Drama Serial Actress Rekha. also performed in cameo roles in MediaCorp OKTO’s REM Girls.


Vignesh’s stint in hosting started in Vasantham through Kalakkal Pattu(Eng: Top 10 Songs) andArinthum Ariyamalum (Eng:In Conversation with Singapore’s Entrepreneurs) followed by MediaCorp Vasantham’s high-rated info-ed programmes, Oru Kaithiyin Diary (Eng: A Prisoner’s Diary) and ICE (Eng: In Case of Emergency). And the very latest was in FRIENDS Season 1-3, an info-ed programme on Vasantham.


2014: Vignesh Wadarajan was awarded the prestigious SME 500 Award for Jankosoft Pte Ltd.The Promising SME 500 Campaign was spearheaded to recognize the exceptional achievements of business men and women in Singapore, highlighting their commercial success and also recognizing their contributions to the economy and the community at large. This campaign also serves as a platform to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to likewise pursue their dreams and ultimately to create a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in our nation.

The Promising SME 500 2014 Campaign is supported by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA), a business association founded to build and nurture the next generation of business leaders in Singapore whilst promoting business excellence among established local SMEs.

The Campaign Advisory Panel and main organizers include industry top executives and consultants from the _elds of Banking and Finance, Human Resource, Academia, Politics and Business Management. Through SMBA, this campaign is also closely a_liated with students from top Local Universities such as NUS and SMU – and is dedicated to supporting youth entrepreneurs and youth business clubs such as the NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES) in their e_orts to promote entrepreneurship among the youths and young adults in Singapore.

As a Entertainer

- 2011: Nominated in MediaCorp Vasantham’s Pradhana Vizha under the Most Popular Male Artiste.

- 2012: Nominated under The Best Info-Ed Host and The Most Popular Male Artiste categories respectively.

- 2014: Nominated in MediaCorp Vasantham’s Pradhana Vizha under the Most Popular Male Artiste.