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Its probably at the top of everyone’s bucket list but hardly attempted to completion. Its definitely not an easy task, and nor would I say its hard. Its just that its easy not to do it which makes it all the more difficult to sustain to completion. I going to share some of the things I undertook to lose 20kg in less than 3 months when I was acting in a TV show here in Singapore.


undertook a very simple to do and quick exercise. No heavy lifting, no 2 hour / 3 hour non stop toiling in the gym. My workout will normally last 45mins at tops including deserving breaks. It combines calisthenics and burst of quick actions to get your heart beat at optimum to start burning and start getting lean.

I do a circuit program with 5 – 7 activities in total. These circuits can be done in sets of 3 – 5. (Don’t do too many at the onset, that would just create a resistance to hit the gym again) Each set will grant you a break of 2mins. Do it with a partner and it will be fun and helpful to cheer you on when you are summoning your last bit of energy to complete a set.

What I choose to include in my exercise are the following, its also important that you don’t rest in-between activities;
1) While holding a light weight dumbbell, lay your hands by your side. Squat, Stand, Bicep curl and raise your hands up above your head.
Than repeat the same steps in reverse to starting position. This will work your legs, arms and shoulders. X 10
2) Alternating deltoid raise; This is another shoulder exercise X 10
3) Bicep curls X 10
4) Push ups X 10
5) Dips X 10
6) Pull Ups X 10

So the completion of all the 6 exercises will mean 1 set. I will take a 2 min break and than start the next set. You can always choose to swap these activities with others to add variety to your exercise. Its very important to push yourself a little more, but not to the extend where you feel faint or breathless. Do take a break.

What I do after the completion of the 3 or 5 sets that I decide to do, I complete the workout with a 20min run. I choose to believe that the last 20min run does a lot of work even after this entire workout is over. You will feel charged, energetic and loosen up muscles on your upper body a little. Once again this is not a walk and nor is a sprint, just a comfortable jog cum run.

Variance in exercise is really important to keep your body and mind fresh. This has the same analogy with you eating fish everyday, after a few days, your mind your sub conscious whichever that keeps you human will start creating resistance. You will start losing appetite and such. This is the same with exercise. Our primary goal is to ensure that whatever you add to your workout plan has to be sustainable, enjoyable and serves well in reaching your target.

Some points to note; You don’t need to carry heavy weights as we are working on cardio and to get our heart beating at an optimum to effectively burn and get lean. You don’t need to push too hard as its about consistency and not tearing yourself apart on any one given day. This exercises accumulate and gets more effective as its repeated.


This probably takes 70-80% responsibility in the entire weight loss journey. Its probably harder than you think it is. I was struggling with this for awhile, as you know its hard to prepare food thats perfect in calorie count & nutritious, and most importantly do I have to talk about the time taken to prepare (Don’t get me started) lolx.

But I recently found a really effective and useful method, you can learn all about it in this link here 
This fat diminisher program by Wesley Virgin is renowned and verified to shed that extra weight. Most of other diet programs that I have seen and heard are really hard to sustain, (THE most important thing here is to SUSTAIN). So this is really useful for everyone to support your weight loss plan.

Apart from the things to eat and methods to follow as suggested in the link above. What I did was to take my dinner by 7pm, after which no more carbs, no more sweet drinks. So if I do get hungry before I get to sleep, I would sink my teeth into an apple or pear. Bananas’ are healthy and are a great source of energy but are too sweet to consume at night. My eating habits were breakfast by 9am, lunch before 2pm and dinner by 7pm. During breakfast and lunch I do insert a cheat meal at times just to contain my cravings, such as a chocolate cake or something sweet. Ice cream is great but its just tons of sugar so do weight your priorities before you give in 

During this period when I wanted to drink tea or coffee, I drank it without sugar. I also drank at least 7 – 8 glasses of water a day which also helps with my workout progressively. Remember its not about killing yourself, its about losing weight in a healthy way. Weight loss and staying lean is more aimed towards well being and hence whatever you embark on, do remember not to overdose yourself with exercise or with the things that you eat.

I hope you can use this information and apply in to your workout or perhaps start your workout plan. All the best and would love to hear your comments. Thank you !

Vignesh Wadaraj

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