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It all began in 2001, was 18 years of age. Toyed around the idea of starting my own business. The only thing I self taught and was interested in was computers, and so it began. It was a great deal to start a business then with no prior knowledge on sales, marketing, branding and growing a business. All i knew was how to build a computer with oem parts, design in photoshop and create websites using HTML.

Gathered a couple of my friends and off i went to do sales. Started asking around my network of friends if they knew people who wanted to build a website or a computer. In the begining building computers were the in thing, as most would actually make a decent savings by building it themselves than to purchase it off the shelf. Compaq, Dell and a couple of others priced their machines really high in that period. I can still remember those golden days where i used to take a bus to sim lim square buy the necessary parts, take a cab to the customers home and build it infront of their eyes. It served as a family entertainment for them to watch a few plates of metal and chips turn into a powerful personal computer right infront of them. It also helped me get my tons of referrals for doing this “little performance”.

Learnt a lot those days, little gestures, what to talk, what not to talk. How to handle the most famous question “Gotta discount ?” With plenty of mistakes, made millions of discovery in the world of sales and business.

Started marketing for website development and through friends friends the word went around. I realised as much as I loved to sit down to design and develop the site myself, i was even better at sales and closing that deal. So my friends became the backbone for development fulfilling the jobs and mine become to farm for the jobs.

We did so many projects, business sites, personal sites, school projects (i know, we didnt leave that, We charged them), Assignments. Well it was really fun when you are young and when you are in business. You dont have liabilites, no office, no full time staff. You make money, you share. You dont well you still can get your pocket money. I remember within 7 months of starting the firm, I remember having more than $3000 in net profits. That at that time to me was like a $100,000.

Like all nice stories, there had to be a twist. Army call up happened, i lost focus, my friends and i lost contact and the lights went out on Jankosoft.

Two and half years later, decided to start it all back. Surveyed the market, the poly grads were offering website development at $500. I was charging $1500 — $3000 in 2001, and now we have to battle a deal at $500? I left Jankosoft to rot and moved on to Financial Planning.

Many many many many many many many things happened. Will talk more in another post another time.

Then in 2011, I revived Jankosoft Pte Ltd, I think it was a calling to do what you are most passionate about. I knew how energectic i was whenever i spoke about Jankosoft, I understood that it was really close to my heart. In business this is something that I wish i understood earlier which was not to be driven by the rewards but the satisfaction that a particular job or activity it allows you to do.

Jankosoft Pte Ltd, We specialise in Content Management Systems, E Commerce Applications, Customised Web and Mobile Application development. With my business experience, im able to understand my clients business requirements and further assist them to build a software that actually works. Unlike a very software and system driven company, just taking down requirements and building it. I have personally come up with a work plan that we follow for each client at Jankosoft.

Our current working strategy: KnowYourCustomer — Requirement & Needs Analysis — Competitor Study — Plan, Build, Test & Improve ! The results ? Nothing but magnificent.

I love innovation and invention, have always been a thinker and have adopted that in my businesses too. At Jankosoft, we have developed our own customer care and management portal called Gifttag, This become popular amoung sales people to manage their ever growing customers database, treat their customers to birthday gifts and wishes in their own business brand. So much value at so little, some satisfied clients of Gifttag have even mentioned “Not sure why no one thought about this application earlier”. To me, thats Satisfaction 

Vignesh Wadarajan

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