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Kick-start Your Health Journey | 4 Healthy Food Items You Must Add to Your Diet

Kick-start Your Health Journey | 4 Healthy Food Items You Must Add to Your Diet

How many times have you heard yourself say, “My body is a temple,” and completely disregarded the statement after seeing piping hot pizza which “called out” to you from across the room?

The problem with dieting is not creating a diet plan, but following it religiously. The controversy with diets is that you do not really need one. Instead, you need to genuinely set the goal to be healthy and fit.

Ths objective is achievable, which makes it an easier target to meet. You can be healthy by changing the patterns in which you consume food. For instance, rather than restricting yourself from eating a certain food item, you can reduce the quantity of what you put in your body. You can also replace your comfort food with healthier options, so you can be one step closer to achieving your goal. Take a look at the following healthy foods that you can integrate into your life.

Healthy Foods To Incorporate In Your Lifestyle


An apple a day might not entirely keep the doctor away, but it can help you wake up and stay alert. Research shows that apples work better at waking you up in the morning, in contrast to coffee. As coffee comprises of a high constitution of caffeine, it can make you alert and jittery. On the hand, consuming apples, early in the morning, can make you more focused, without giving you the jitters. Therefore, replacing coffee with apples would be a healthier choice.

Chicken Breasts

Working to improve your health shouldn’t come at a sacrifice. The main reason behind why you are unable to stick to a diet is that you are forcing yourself to engage in behaviour that is undesirable for you. Therefore, going against the hedonistic nature of humanity is a plan that is guaranteed to fail.

Keeping this in mind, you can stay healthy while choosing to eat the food that you find delicious. Chicken breast fits in that category. As this food has reduced fat and high protein, it can do wonders for your body. Additionally, chicken breasts also include several nutrients to boost your body’s functioning. You can cook the chicken to your own liking, however, eating it in a boiled state would offer the most benefits.


If you enjoy food that offers a distinct flavour,  it is because the food includes onions. Onions are an essential component in most Mexican and Indian food, as they add rich flavour to the food. However, in addition to bringing taste and aroma, onions also offer bio-active compunds that are increadiby healthy for the body. Additionally, onions are abundant with nutrients, while having a low-calorie count. In fact, an onion of medium-size constitutes of only forty-four calories and a high rate of vitamins, fibres and minerals.


In the category of seafood, salmon ranks at the top of the food offering health benefits. Salmon comprises of Omega-3 fatty acids, and is highly rich in protein. Therefore, adding salmonin your meals would increase the healing properties of your body, strengthen your bone health and assist your body in reatining the muscle mass when you are losing weight, or naturally aging.  In addition to this, salmon includes a high constitution of vitamin B. If you add this fresh water fish to your diet, you would feel more energetic.  Vitamin B also controls the inflammation in the body, which results in heart disease. Considering this, salmon can protect you against long-term potential cardio-vascular diseases.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey. Therefore, it is important for you to choose healthy food items that align with your preferences, so that you can stick to eating them, even when you derail for your path. 

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