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Living Without Fear- A Challenge to Help You Reach Your Full Potential

Living Without Fear- A Challenge to Help You Reach Your Full Potential

Fear is considered to be a controversial emotion. On one hand, it acts as a shield, protecting you from the dangers of the world, however, it can also function as a barrier that prevents you from reaching your full potential. The latter kind of fear can be personified by imagining an over-protective mother, who obstructed the child’s growth by never allowing them to become fully dependent. Hence, if you continually allow your fear to overpower you, you may never achieve everything that you are capable of.

Its this type of fear that you need to manage. If you remain wary of the unknown future, you would never experience the present. In order to truly experience every adventure that your short time on earth offers, you must learn to live without fear. If you wish to embark on a fearless journey, consider taking the following steps.

How To Tackle The Fear Inside You

Think about what scares you

Being scared is completely normal. Having fears is common. Fear, like all other emotions, is a naturally occurring phenomenon. No matter how hard you try to control it, it can never be controlled. However, it can be managed and used as a positive force in your life. In order to manage your fears, you need to understand them. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do, is write down all the things that you are scared of. The list may include deeply cultivated ideas, such as the fear of not being good enough, and it can also comprise of superficial fears, like the fear of darkness. Once you note them down, you can allow yourself to observe the simplicity of overcoming these negative emotions.

Imagine the worst-case scenario

Once you have an idea of all the things that you are scared of, you can ruminate on the reason why. Ask yourself why you allow this fear to overpower your decision to lead a spontaneous life. Think about the worst-case scenario, but with a positive perspective. For example, if you are miserable at work, but you are afraid to quit your job, as you feel that you would fail in finding a replacement, you can imagine the worst-case scenario of not being able to find a job in your profession. At this stage, you can look at the positive side, or you can mull over the negatives. Taking the former approach, you can think about how relieved you would feel to be liberated from the job that sucked up your joy. Sure, you may not have a reliable source of income, but you would have the time to think about everything else that you wish to pursue. You could use this time to find your passions and subsequently,  concoct a plan to go after them. Fear stops you from achieving your full potential, so take away its power, and discover the talents that lie within you.

Reflect on how the fear impacts your life 

In order to truly let go of your fear, you must understand its influence on your life. Take any fear off of our list and think about all the situations in which it held you back. For example, if you are afraid of speaking up, you may have let yourself get stomped over by others on numerous occasions. Keeping this in mind, you must create a link between your fearful thoughts, and the subsequent behaviour. Once you establish a link, you can discover a way to break the cycle.

A life full of fear is a life not worth living. You have all the tools to tackle fear, you just need to learn how to use them.  So, use the preceding tips and challenge yourself to live fearlessly!

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