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Reviving Your Health Routine After the Global Pandemic

Reviving Your Health Routine After the Global Pandemic

Quarantine has messed up everyone’s health routines. You may have started the period thinking you would treat yourself for a week, however, that week automatically turned into a month of zero health practices. This is due to the uncertainty of the entire situation led by the pandemic. Now, when you try to get back on the saddle, you may struggle with finding the motivation, as well as the urge to revive your health routine.

If you wish to adopt healthy eating and workout habits after the quarantine period, you can take the following tips into account.

How To Maintain Your Health Routine During The Pandemic

Manage your stress

Your psychological and physical health are interconnected. If your mental health is suffering, your physical body will take its toll on itself. With that in mind, you can improve your health during the pandemic by learning how to manage your stress. You can dedicate a few minutes of your day to think about all the factors that are causing you to feel stressed. When you introspect, you allow yourself to process your negative emotions, and subsequently, find a channel to release them. Once you have let go of the stress, you would feel more motivated to get back into self-care.

Make conscious decisions

The problem with being quarantined is that you tend to forget the fact that your actions have consequences. For instance, you may indulge in binge-eating junk, because you feel that you can get away with it.  However, it is crucial to make conscious decisions about what you are doing, even if you are all alone. One way to overcome this issue is to make a public commitment. For example, you can text your friends or family members and inform them about your intention to start regular workout sessions. This way, you can feel pressured into fulfilling your commitment.

Let your health be an anchor habit

Anchor habits are those actions that you perform on a day to day basis. These habits are those which you do not alter, under any circumstances. For instance, even during quarantine, you still take care of basic factors, such as eating or sleeping.

To turn your health into an anchor habit, you can force yourself to engage in the act on a daily basis. You must push yourself, despite not being “in the mood for it”. In doing so, you can make self-care a part of your daily routine.

Don’t view it as a job

Taking care of your health is often deemed as a difficult task because you start viewing it as a job. When you think this way, you are associating a degree of dislike with the task. With that said, by bringing a change in your cognitive thinking patterns, you can allow yourself to enjoy the process taking care of your health. For instance, instead of dreading the pain, you experience during the workout, you can force yourself to only think about the endorphin release following an exercise session. This positivity in your thoughts would create an unconscious association between a workout session and an elevated mood. As a result, you would look forward to it.

Remind yourself about your goals

The global pandemic can make re-evaluate your life choices. It may make you question your reasons for working out and taking care of your health. In this situation, you must address the issue head-on. In order to resolve your inner conflict, you can give yourself a reminder regarding why you felt the need to focus on your health in the first place. When you reflect back on your primary goals, you can find the motivation again.

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