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You are going to get a corporate website for your business or perhaps you are sales person and you want to have a website to interact with your customers.

I read this somewhere thought i’d share it here” A website is like your personal assistant/business development executive that you hire to work for you without mc, 24hours 7 days a week, to help you speak about your business, services and also sell products for you. Your customers can get all the information that they require in a jiffy and make that crucial purchase decisions. I kinda like the way they put in here, but the question is…………….Is your website doing all of that ?

Is your website atleast being your storefront to tell your customers what you are really doing ? Im sure they are websites that we’ve all been to where we wouldnt take 2 seconds to stay in there but why ?

There are few steps that you can take to ensure that you dont have a web presence that doesnt serve a purpose at all. To being with its not cheap and neither can you ignore the power of the internet to stay connected with your customers in this time and age, so here we go. Lets Dive.

Content Planning

Take all the time you can to carefully plan the content that goes into your website. This step is far more important than design or functionality. So whats content planning?

Each business, product or service has a story to tell, but your customers havent got that time to read that story. They may but not on your website, perhaps on a more casual blog, Facebook post, event or something of that nature. On your website, you have to make sure you talk about your business in just a few lines that will not only grasp the attention of your customers but also clearly tell them what you do and what you are known for. Looking for copywriters would be a good idea if you are not exactly familiar with this, they can asssit to get the juice outta that lemon.

Apart from just knowning what to say, a couple of things that you may also be concerned about is the type of content placed in your website and where. A favourite among all business owners is the “About Us” Page. You can choose to bore them with your story once again or you can choose to highlight your Unique Selling Point (USP), credentials, awards or anything that may boost your corporate image.

Contact us page is there for a reason, and its your duty to make sure that your customers are able to CONTACT YOU. Placement, font size, color of contact numbers, email address are important. Your contact form where your customers can drop you a line must be relevant. Some pitfalls that you can avoid will not to ask too many questions before being able to hit the submit button. Some forms in recent time do a test for human submission, but some test are really a test of patience that a real human gets annoyed trying.

At Jankosoft, I take time and a lot of effort at this stage to degress and assemble a solid content infrastructure for our clients.

Website Design

We all love colours, images and lots of buttons, animations and etc. But there are few principles to follow when it comes to design. User experience in my opinion is the pinnacle of such principles and using the right data can get you a site that will be a joy to use by your customers.

Understand your target audience when you are in this phase of your web development. Age group, demographic, exposure, physical norm and to a certain extent physchology of your target audience can tell you lots on the details you should consider when designing your website. Colors, size of buttons, placement of call to action elements and other widgets can be more logically positioned when you have these data.

Colour preferences, just because your corporate color is such you need not throw the entire color on your site. There are base colours, secondary and highlight colors to be used on your website. Sometimes we get carried away and start applying colours unncessarily, applying too many colors on one page, or even being inconsistent with colors throughout your website. My recommendation will be at a max of three + one colour, one is an additional magic color however primarily three colors on the website. I see the positive results at, at Jankosoft we follow these principles and the customers love it.

Building Traffic

Whats the point if you have an amazing website which no one knows about. Its imperative for you to have your domain name as simple as it can be so that your customers that you meet offline can visit it and remember it. It also helps when it comes to sharing it, with the wake of thousands of social networking platforms, it has become so easy for anyone to share your link or talk about you, so why not make it easier with a simple and easy to remember name in short.

Having an account for your business/website on social networking sites is important to garner a good pool of visitors. There are many to choose from, so it all depends on your business. You have to understand where your customers are and what they prefer.

Paid advertising. There are a couple of paid advertising channels that you can use to reach out to thousands or if not millions in a matter of a few days. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and the list goes on. Once again it all depends on your customers and which platform allows you to express yourself better.

Google Analytics is a good tool for you to obtain metrics on your efforts. Try to do one thing at a time to see the improvements made in new visitors, how long they stayed and what did they do while they were there. There is alot of on going tweaks that needs to be done in order to achieve your goals. Its a misconception that once the site is up, visitors will flock and sales will go through the roof.

Do have these tips in mind when you are revamping your site or developing a fresh new site. Im confident that the results will put a smile on your face, its tested and proven. If you would like to have an opinon with Jankosoft, the premier web and mobile application development firm in Singapore, you can also drop us a line to discuss.

Thank you and glad to have enriched you through this article

Vignesh Wadarajan

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