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Your Perfect Guide On How To Start A Blog in 2020

Your Perfect Guide On How To Start A Blog in 2020

Remodel Your Blog to Generate Revenue

Rather than blogging about your passions or areas of expertise, select a discipline based on the audience budget potential and B2B market demand.

Discover the Scope of Your Blog's Backlink Procurement

You won’t have to write another word! Learn the ways to acquire free content, while automating your guest post processes.

Upgrade Your Blog's Profitability

Shift your attention to picking the appropriate revenue stream in accordance with your blog’s age and traffic. Reward yourself with a six-figure profit in just ninety days!

Here is everything I have learned about blogging in a singular sentence:

Imagine Yourself as a Start-up, Not as a Writer.

If you desire to learn the art of monetizing from a blog, you must give up on the idea of viewing blogging as a hobby. You can earn a decent amount by launching a blog that is systematically developed and scaled like a business.

As a manager of creative content teams in high-growth start-ups, I acquired the following knowledge through my experience.

You need to set the stage to permit growth

Despite only launching my blog in January 2019, I have been able to earn around $70k per month. You can check the receipts by accessing my Blog Income Reports.
In the same year, I posted approximately eighty articles to my webpage and featured eighty High-Domain Authority guest posts. This amount can be traced to measure around 530,000 words in just one year.

You can achieve this by scaling your blog.

In order to profit from your talents, it is essential to treat your blog as a business. The minute you start thinking like a CEO, instead of a writer, you can witness the transformation taking place.

Throw all your previously acquired blogging advice out the window.

You are deceived into believing that blogging about your passions is the key to long-term success. The blogging ‘professionals’ probably told you that you can generate passive income by consistently providing the same archaic advice to the readers.

Write about what you love, and the money will follow in a few years when you gain enough popularity to add affiliate links, advertisements and sponsored content …”

This statement is quite untrue. If you want to earn from blogging, treat it as a business from the get-go!


I cannot stress this enough, scale your blog in 2020 to strengthen its growth!

For your blog to truly resemble a start-up, you need to stop yoruself from writing every draft yourself. Instead, educate yourself on promotional aspects, such as keyword research, outline curation, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. If you attempt every blog post yourself, you won’t find the time or energy to improve the blog’s growth.

I started this blog to bust the old blogging myths and replace them with the updated tactics your blog requires in order to stay relevant in 2020.

Unfortunately, many bloggers are unaware of the algorithmic role in monetizing from a blog. This is why I have created this guide to help you earn a profit in the short time frame of three to six months. If you consider and apply these digital strategies for growth, you will not have to wait two years to see monetary rewards.

  1. First, you must select your niche on the basis of thorough market analysis and product demand. Instead of targetting individuals, sell to businesses so you can increase your revenue potential.
  2. Next, adjust to the new role of acting like a CEO instead of a writer. Direct your attention to scaling, rather than writing. The components of scaling include outsourcing aspects of your blog, so your time is spent on more substantial tasks.
  3. Lastly, you need to employ the appropriate strategies to make a profit off your blog, by taking its age and traffic rate into consideration. The raw and honest truth is that if you lack an audience, you won’t be able to earn in thousands each month.

To participate in this process, consider the three fundamental steps:


Stage 1: Inaugurate Your Blog

I have attained experience in facilitating the launch of hundreds of different websites. With my help, you can find your niche and value proposition. With mutual collaboration, you can receive a proficiently planned content strategy, along with the advice on selecting the best web hosting service, email marketing software, and even podcast hosting plans, to initiate your blogging start-up.

To start off, we can rely on an SEO-optimized and an interactive blog that generates revenue fairly quickly. This wouldn’t be mainstream advice column-esque blog, rather, it would be a platform that potentially earns a seven-figure profit!


Stage 2: Scale Your Growth

I cooperate with high-growth startups, influencers, bloggers and content marketers to produce scaled content, with the intention of increasing the audience rate.

With my assistance, you can build a Domain Authority (DA), feature and pitch guest posts, collaborate with influencers for link-building purposes and earn a reputation of being a reliable source in your discipline.


Stage 3: Yield Quicker Results

Instead of waiting for your blog to automatically gather a following, start utilizing different monetization strategies from the moment you make your blog live. This revenue can be then invested in the content strategies, so you can generate a passive income relatively quickly.

A blog’s passive income isn’t just limited to featuring advertisements, affiliate programs, online courses, or sponsoring digital products, rather, you can also generate a profit through real-world consulting from the very first day.


In the end, I want to thank you for visiting my page. I genuinely treasure each and every individual I have had the pleasure of interacting with, through this blog.


My key objective is to help you achieve your blogging goals.

If you are willing to do what it takes, I am here to facilitate you in meeting your objectives.


Want to Take the First Step?

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